The / / virus – a removal guide

(Update 10/10/17) The method described below also works against /


Yama posted this removal guide in Dutch a while ago and since then has received many requests for an English translation. So here it is.

Unfortunately more and more links in tweets start with:

Unsuspecting users will simply click on these links and why wouldn’t they? You do end up at the URL that is mentioned in the link, right? Wrong. All is not as it seems.

What has in fact been clicked on is a social virus. Well, it doesn’t actually screw up your computer or mobile device, it doesn’t take any of your files hostage and it won’t give you an STD. It does however spread as a virus. Its purpose: taking links hostage and datamining every URL you share once you’ve given the app access to your Twitter account and in case of linkspamming.

It works like this:

1) Someone has at one time given / access to his or her Twitter account and is now sharing a link in a tweet:


2) Completely unsuspecting you click on that link and a new window opens with the page. Now look at the URL:


3) After a few seconds, usually between 5 and 7, a popup appears onscreen, telling you how useful is, asking if you also want it or stating that the content is for users only or how great is. Here is an example of such a popup:


A lot of people don’t really give it a thought and just click on Yes or Authorize.

4) Congratulations! You have now been infected and nothing stands in your way – or actually in the way of – to infect your followers and any other user who clicks on a link in one of your tweets.

No! I don’t want this. How do I get rid of it?

In just four simple steps you can banish from your account.

1) Log in to Twitter using Chrome or another browser or go to

2) Go to your Settings.


3) Go to your Apps.


4) Look for / in the list and revoke the access. That’s all there is to it. Bob’s your uncle. You are now free. And by the way, if you are in your applications anyway, take a look to see what other strange apps you have given access to your account. Safety first!

So, are we done?
Nope. A whole legion of folks has given this virus access to their account(s). Warn these people and send them here, so they can also remove this stupid virus from their devices. Share this post, retweet it, spread the word. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get rid of for good.

Twitter thanks you!

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